What is Throttle?

Throttle is a video streaming service focused on all things auto. We deliver top shows, videos, and films about everything gear heads love. Throttle has content to fit every car and motorcycle lovers taste. With over 10,000 videos and 100,000’s of hours of content, Throttle will be your favorite destination for automotive related content. 

How is Throttle different from other streaming services?

Throttle is focused on the Automotive world and nothing else.  We strive to on bring our viewers a wide variety of car and motorcycle content, so there is something for every type of gear head.  Throttle has videos of all formats, short form, full length episode, and full length movies.  We are dedicated to constantly adding new videos, creators and networks who share our passion for anything on wheels!

How often are new videos added to Throttle?

Every day Throttle is updated with new content.  We try to partner with shows and creators who are actively creating new videos to ensure that Throttle always has that new car and new video smell.


Where can I watch Throttle?


Throttle  currently is available at Throttle.tv on desktop and mobile browsers as well as on Roku as Throttle TV.  Throttle will soon also be available on tvOS, iOS, and Android.


Can I drive the cars in your videos?


Unfortunately the insurance policy on the cars we feature do not cover fans flying to LA to take them for a test ride.  The best we can do is send you a matchbox car if you ask nicely :)



Where is Throttle's headquarters?


The Throttle Studio is located in sunny Santa Monica, California.  Located close to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, we have a constant parade of incredible vehicles driving through our neighborhood.


Why should I create an account?


By creating an account you are able to favorite videos, save GIFs you create, and track your comments on videos.  You will also receive the Throttle newsletter, updating you on the latest and greatest videos on the platform.  (Don’t want the email, it is easy to opt out!)


How do video comments work on Throttle?


Comments on videos are time based.  That means each comment that is made on a Throttle video is associated with a specific time stamp in the video.  When that moment occurs in the video, the corresponding comments will be highlighted in the comment section.  If you click on a comment, you will jump to the time-stamped moment in the video that comment is referring to.


Where do comments on Throttle come from?


Throttle comments are powered by a patented AI.  Any time some one makes mention of a Throttle video on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, or Throttle TV, the AI adds what was said to the comment section of the video it is referring to.  This means the comment section of Throttle’s videos capture what people are saying about our videos from everywhere on the web!


How do I create a time-stamped comment on a Throttle video?


To create your own comment on a Throttle video, simply open up a video and select the light bulb icon tab from the upper right hand side of the screen. Then select the comment section from the header tabs in the slide out menu.  Play the video. When the moment in the video you would like to comment on occurs, type your comment in the bottom right text box where it says, “Add comment” and then press enter.  Your comment will now appear in the comment section with a time stamped based on when you pressed enter.


How do I create a GIF out of a Throttle video and then share it?


Creating your own GIF of a scene in a Throttle video is easy. Open up a video and play it! When the scene you would like to GIF starts, select the GIF text icon at the bottom right of the screen.  This will pop up the GIF creator, which allows you to set the start time and end time of your GIF so it is the exact part of the video you want to capture.  You also have the option to add text to the GIF.  Once you create your masterpiece, you have the option to share the GIF with your friends on social media.


How does search work on Throttle?


On Throttle you can search for videos by their titles, or you can search for specific scenes based on what people have said about them.  In the search bar, located at the upper right side of the site, enter in a search term.  You are then shown results of both video titles with your search term in them, as well as scenes where people’s comments mentioned your search term.  You can also specify if you would like to only search by video or by scene.  So if you want a video about popping wheelies you can find it, or if you want the specific scene where someone goes up on one wheel, you can find that too.


Is Throttle on social media?


Heck yes!

Follow us and we will give your social feed a NOS boost everyday.

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How do I get my videos on Throttle TV?

If you have your own car related videos that you think would do well on Throttle, email us at weare@unreel.me.  We would love to discuss ways to work together to feature what you’ve got!


How do I advertise/ promote products on Throttle TV?


If you are a brand looking for exposure on Throttle, please email weare@unreel.me to learn about opportunities.


What if my question still wasn’t answered?


If there is something you want to know about Throttle, or have a comment in general, we want to hear from you! Email weare@unreel.me to have a conversation with our team!


If it's fast, loud and on wheels, it's on Throttle. Featuring the best automotive and motorcycle shows and videos, for free!

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